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6 best places for Chinese to visit in Vietnam in Autumn

For Chinese visitors who intent to travel to Vietnam in autumn, there are typically some places that worth discovering in this season, to enjoy the beauty of the fall in Vietnam. Here we suggest some destinations and things to explore when coming to those places, for a good preparation for your upcoming trip to this charming nation!

Before you go: Please note that all Chinese citizens need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Of 3 current options for getting Vietnam visa for Chinese, visa on arrival is considered the most convenient. See its full process here.

Hanoi among great destinations in Vietnam in Autumn

The autumn has come to Hanoi so gently with perfect scene that you have ever been witnessed before this season. Because of a bit cold weather, you should wear a light jacket when going out in the early morning and late at night to keep your body warm and enjoy some local fall specialties as young green rice or we call “cốm”. When the autumn comes, visitors will be intrigued by Hanoi’s charming, fascinated by Hanoi’s charisma and captivated by Hanoi’s scenery.

Hanoi among the best places for Chinese to visit in Autumn

Hanoi among the best places for Chinese to visit in Autumn

Ha Giang also among the best to visit in Autumn in Vietnam

In the early time of autumn, another place that you should put in your list to visit is Ha Giang, with the paddy fields start ripening and the yellow colors cover all the hills. Or when you come around September, in the late of autumn, you will see the vast pink color of Buckwheat flowers – the famous ones known as specialty of Ha Giang.

Moc Chau and Son La

When the fall is coming with the cool squeeze and great weather, it will bring Moc Chau the immense fields of white cauliflower start to blossom and green color of tea stretches along hills, which alluring most of people arriving here. Moc Chau always attracts travelers every season in the year, especially in the fall with a different beauty making tourists admired and satisfied.

Sapa and Lao Cai

For those who love to go sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of nature, Sapa and Lao Cai is not a bad choice, especially in the fall, with the distinct beauty of terraced fields that have a lovely yellow flower and precious medicinal plants as “tam that” (a kind of bulbous aralia), amomum, anise, and goldthread enter their season. Exclusively, most of the travelers coming to Sapa will be attract by the beauty of sunlight and cloud covering the hills and trees that made the scenery become charming than ever!

Sapa is also highly recommended for Chinese to visit in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Sapa is also highly recommended for Chinese to visit in Vietnam


When the weather touches the autumn, the wonderful area of highland just becomes alluring and much more romantic like in the picture. All of the hillsides have been fully covered with glamorous flowers and evergreen pine forests. SO this is the best time to explore the city of “thousands of flowers” in the fall covering season. Apart from the severe sun and the wind in Central or the tropical climate in South, Dalat always remains the temperate climate all the year.

Ha Long Bay

The cool weather of autumn give all the tourists a great chance to witness the particular elegance of the world heritage site, Ha Long Bay. Through the cooler days of autumn, the clear blue sky and glistening emerald water on the lake impress most people who traveling on the boat trip here. Don’t miss the great opportunity to discover the fall in Ha Long!

Halong Bay in Vietnam - Vietnam visa for Chinese

Halong Bay in Vietnam

In a word, it is the smart choice to explore Vietnam in the fall as the climatic features in this season should be enough to lure tourists to visit Vietnam every year. You definitely will have great ambiance and memories after your visit to Vietnam in the beautiful autumn.