Vietnam among top destinations for Chinese

Sharing the same border, Vietnam occupies the second position in the list of countries in Southeast Asia attractive to Chinese travelers. And more broadly, Vietnam has been ranked seventh in the list of top outbound destinations preferred by the Chinese tourists in the second quarter of 2016.

Vietnam - favorite destinations of a lot of travelers around the world  Vietnam visa

This information is revealed by the China National Tourism Administration. Their statistics has shown that there have been almost 0.6 million Chinese tourists to Vietnam under tours in the second quarter of 2016.

So, what about visa to Vietnam for Chinese passport holders?

At the moment, there are two ways available for Chinese passport holders to process a Vietnam visa, namely:

  1. Obtain a visa via a local Vietnam embassy; Or
  2. Obtain a visa on arrival.

The former is the traditional way to get a visa for Vietnam, in which traveler will need to submit application documents (including hard copy of application form which must be downloaded from website of the embassy to which you will submit documents, original passport, visa fee receipt and sometimes flight tickets and accommodation proof). The processing time in this case is normally 5-7 working days.

The latter is different in terms of applicants and procedure. It is for Chinese passport holders who fly into Vietnam from a foreign country or territory outside the China mainland. It is applied online to obtain a visa approval letter and then picked up in full upon arrival of the travelers at Vietnam airport. The processing time in this case is normally 2 working days.

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