Do I need a Vietnam visa or not
It is required for all Chinese passport holders to obtain a Vietnam visa for their trip to the country for any purpose, from vocation, friend/family visit to business, except for the case they directly visit Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam for which they are allowed to stay on the island for up to 30 days without visa if they can show proof of their exit.

However, there is an important piece of information that travelers other than Chinese to Vietnam should notice that not all of you need a visa to Vietnam. There are certain nationals who do not need a Vietnam visa for certain periods of stay as following:

List of nationals getting Vietnam visa exemption


Length of Vietnam Visa Exemption


Length of Vietnam Visa Exemption

Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

30 days


21 days

Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway & Russia

15 days

Brunei, Myanmar

14 days

UK, Italy, Spain, France & Germany

15 days until June 30, 2017


15 days until June 30, 2020

In addition, all travelers who directly visit Phu Quoc island are entitled to 30-day Vietnam visa exemption, and APEC Business Travel Card Holders are entitled to 60-day Vietnam visa exemption.

But those of national getting visa exemption under unilateral agreement of Vietnam should notice that, to get visa exemption, they must:

  1. Show their passport of at least 6-month validity from their arrival date; and
  2. Have their arrival date not fall within 30 days from exit date of their last trip to Vietnam with visa exemption.