Vietnam visa for US passport holders

Vietnam Visa for US from China

I am a US citizen currently traveling in China and I wish to travel to Vietnam overland from China. How much is the visa? And is my only option a one year multiple entry visa?

Hi David Oliver,

First of all, thank you for leaving us your message.

Regarding your question, please be informed that as you are traveling to Vietnam overland, you need to obtain a visa via Vietnam embassy as Vietnam visa on arrival which is applied online is for travelers to Vietnam by air only.

As the visa fee at the embassy is governed by the embassy itself. It is not published on their website, and would vary from one to one, you are highly recommended to directly contact the embassy for details.

You can obtain the visa via the Vietnam embassy in US or those in China, whichever is convenient for you.

And also as you mentioned above, there is currently only one option for Vietnam visa for US passport holders, which is 1-year multiple entry visa regardless of how long you are planning to stay in the country.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

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